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What is rentLoop

rentLoop is an automated apartment touring application providing current residents the opportunity to become Tour Guides (Loopers) within Luxury Apartment Buildings. With the ongoing safety and support of rentLoop, we are able to match current residents with interested + qualified apartment seekers on their schedule. By being a tour guide within your building, you can expect to make easy extra money and meet some new friends/neighbors each and every month! We want your earnings to offset your bills and rent payments as the more you tour the more you can earn!

What is a Tour Guide

A tour guide is a trusted and reliable current apartment resident who knows their building better than anyone, enjoys meeting new people and enjoys making easy $. Tour Guides are an extension of the rentLoop family. We want the touring experience to be efficient, fun and helpful for all apartment seekers and all residents.

Tour Guides will let rentLoop know when you are available, meet and greet with apartment seekers in the front lobby, walk them around your building while showing off the awesome common amenities, your unit (which is same floorplan they are seeking) and provide them, as a good neighbor would do, information on the management, building, residents, social scene, neighborhood, water pressure etc.. which only current residents know best!

What Next

After you have signed up, one of our rentLoop concierge members will connect with you to answer any questions and get you ready to start guiding tours. We only schedule tours in which meet your requirements and daily schedule, so if you are home on weekday nights, weekend afternoons, or only at 6 AM, tours will only be scheduled within those time frames for you. rentLoop exclusively works within luxury apartment complexes which offer the best common amenities, unit amenities, and overall best renters! We want all residents to make the easiest money possible while finally having an opportunity to put your apartment building to work for you!

Happy Touring!


rentLoop has ongoing discussions and partnerships with EVERY major property management company across the US. rentLoop is launching in select cities as part of our Spring Campaign and will be going live in over 100+ US cities by Fall 2019. We enable current residents to finally have an opportunity to capitalize on your specific building’s referral network + leasing commissions, even if you had no idea they even existed! We bring a rental network of thousands directly to you, who otherwise needed to be your friends or family to receive referral money if someone moved into your building!

Sign Up as we will notify you when we launch in your building! If you are unsure, sign up as we will always let you know the latest updates! We want everyone to feel comfortable and excited, so we make sure to personally reach out to each and every resident who becomes part of the rentLoop family!

Of course, we love referrals and want ALL renters to know how easy it is to now make money while being a current resident! If you think your friends would love the ability to make easy money at their building, let them know and please tell us you did just that! We want to personally thank you for spreading the rentLoop love and buy you a coffee!

If your lease is coming up at your current building and you are looking to continue renting at another Luxury Apartment Building, let us know! We will connect you with whatever Luxury Building you want to tour, current residents. You can use whatever your preferred search site (Zillow, Craigslist etc) to help you find buildings in your desired area, just let us know before you go to tour!

rentLoop relies on communication, attendance and punctuality, as successful touring can only be done if residents are there on time when they agreed to be available. Life happens, if you cannot make the tour or are running late, just let us know and over communicate 😊 We are building a trusting and reliable community with positive reviews proving just that. Apartment seekers can rate and review Tour Guides (Think Yelp) just as Residents can rate and review Apartment Seekers.

Please ask anything and everything. We created rentLoop for renters to finally have an opportunity to turn their building into a financially rewarding asset. We encourage and want all renters to ask and suggest anything you feel we should know. Help us make this experience truly unique and rewarding!